Before WhiteCap EncapsulationIf your home has a crawlspace, there’s a high probability your house is sitting on a unhealthy environment. And due to “stack effect” (which causes air in a home to move upward), it’s possible that unhealthy air is moving up throughout your home. Due to the high humidity in our area, having a healthy crawlspace is especially important for the overall health of your home.


After WhiteCap EncapsulationEven though a Crawlspace is not a livable space, making this space healthy contributes to healthy living space upstairs. Unhealthy crawl spaces, due to moisture and humidity creeping in, creates an environment for mold and mildew to grow on card board boxes, wood floors, insulation, drywall and other surfaces.

Homeowners can avoid thousands of dollars of damage by having their crawl space properly fixed with our vapor barrier.

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