The Rhino Carbon Fiber® Wall Supports link the foundation base with the house framing making it the strongest system on the market! The carbon fiber is fastened to the sill plate with a galvanized bracket and secured to the foundation floor with a carbon fiber pin. Deterioration does not occur because our patented carbon fiber system is secured to the foundation wall allowing for an even distribution of outside pressure. Rhino Carbon Fiber® took the issues with other systems head on. Rhino carbon fiber attaches the carbon fiber directly to the sill plate ensuring a tight connection is made to the house framing. In addition, Rhino carbon fiber attaches to the footer to ensure the wall will not shear at the bottom block.


Rhino Carbon Fiber® only uses the best materials in our products. Our carbon fiber is made with a custom bidirectional weave and double stitching. The carbon fiber has a weight of 560g per square inch and has a tensile strength of 52,000 pounds per square inch. This is about double the weight of the competitors yet our repair is only 5.5″ wide. We designed it narrower than a hollow in a block to ensure we wouldn’t laminate the entire block cavity. We did this to avoid the entire block cavity being laminated. If the entire block cavity is laminated, the block begins to hold water in the hollows. This may not sound serious, but if there is water held in the block it will become weak or make the carbon fiber delaminate. Rhino carbon fiber epoxy is a blend made specifically for us. It is a pure, virgin epoxy with very few additives resulting in an extremely strong bond between carbon fiber and the work surface. The epoxy is so pure it is able to soak into the concrete surface and carbon fiber, bonding them as one.

Advantages Include:

  • Strongest wall repair system available
  • No deterioration or movement
  • Minimal intrusiveness
  • Fast, clean installation
  • Cost are competitive

Rhino Carbon Fiber Video:

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